This statement is the passion (the very heartbeat) of University Baptist Church. We believe that glorifying God is something we cannot assume, rather explicitly be passionate about in all things.

Treasuring Christ above all things, we believe, is how we can best glorify God. This means we fight against the sin in our lives and fight for believing in Christ for more of our lives. All of our effort (this “fighting”) is only out of the grace extended to us through faith in Jesus Christ.

Reaching others entails all of our Great Commission efforts. We realize that making the riches of God’s glorious grace in Christ Jesus known to the world is a privilege, pleasure and responsibility that we will be accountable for. Whether through our local community and the University, or the other side of the world, we seek to glorify God by helping others become joy-filled followers of Jesus Christ.

The biblical foundation for this passion is found in 2 Corinthians 4.