Our Commitment to Fayetteville and Northwest Arkansas (NWA). The first mission field beyond the walls of our church is our local community, neighborhoods, and city, our Jerusalem. Here we seek to share and show the love of Christ.

Our commitment to Arkansas and the US calls us to reach beyond Jerusalem into the larger region – our state and nation. In many ways, our Judea looks very similar to Jerusalem, but is also somewhat more diverse.

Our Commitment to Latin America enables us to gain a new and exciting cross-cultural experience. The barriers to ministering in this part of the world are less challenging because of our close proximity, which makes travel relatively easy and less expensive; our established presence; and language is less of a barrier. People there are open and receptive to our presence.

Our Commitment to our Unreached People Group and the Unreached World especially the 10/40 window. These are the regions where many people have never heard about Jesus. This mission field includes people with various cultures, languages, religions and ethnic diversity.